323 bare bones kit for the Holme Made Frame,
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Holme Made 323 Kit, Aluminum and Steel only, You source the stuff you can purchase with my guide

Get from me Just what you cant get anywhere else.

2 New shoulder hubs with out ball bearings  Bearing Carriers, Hardware NOTincluded

1/2 inch thick connecting plate 

3/16 cold roll steel linkage assy that will bolt into your leg. locking the foot and body angle together. 




NOTE: to have a working 3-2-3 system you will need

A BUNCH of Misc Hardware, Much from McMaster Carr. 

12 inch Drawer slides, 2 Automotive window regulators, wire, wheel Bearings, Motor, gearbox, coupling, Lead screw. 

a Sabertooth 2x32. or similar Motor controller and an arduino. I am using a Pro Mini for my demo unit. 

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323 bare bones kit for the Holme Made Frame,

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