R2 Body Hinges :Com8 Frame

 All of these hinges and housings are designed to fit a Com8 frame, That is not to say that they will bolt right in and line up perfect. The door housings have to line up perfectly with the openings cut into the skins.  Some work and fitting will be needed to align your hinges in your droid. 

Some of the hinges will be easier to glue right to the skins, I think this is the best idea for all accept the 4 long doors. So why not the 4 long doors? if they are glued to the skin, the skin would not be able to be removed.  If the hinge housing is attached to the frame, you will have to have some way to remove the outer door panel to ever be able to remove your skins in the future.

Shallow vs Deep.

The shallow versions are roughly an inch and a half deep. they do not stick put past the rear of the frame ring for the most part. The deep versions offer more room for putting gadgets in but will need room behind them. Here are some pictures of the 2 versions of the Front Left long door (BF5)


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