Roboteq 2360 Controller



This is here for the Non USA Builders. If you are in the US, Please Call Donna at Roboteq at 480-664-6660.  Roboteq generously gives us a 15% discount on this controller but you have to call to get it.


 For the rest of you international types. I am not going to stock these, So if  you want one, Order it by itself and I will send you an invoice right away. Once paid, I will order the controller and it is typically a week or two before I will get it.  Place a seperate order if needed for drives, or a Mousezilla, or bare motors. 


Make no mistake, I am doing this as a service, The $440 is what one costs with our discount and shipping to me.  Once I have it I can test and set it up if you wish, and then simply include it with the other stuff you have ordered from me. 


  • Item #: SBL-2360

Roboteq 2360 Controller

Price: $1,000.00
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